Whatever it is, viewers will have to wait just a while longer to find out.

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Additionally, it’s not much of a surprise to see Pip Torrens as Herr Starr in the midst of a violent shootout with other members of the Grail.

The group is essentially a magnet for violence, and given Starr’s proclivity for it, he seems quite at home.

It marks a new starting point for Jesse, in a way, after he’d learned the true nature of Herr Starr and the Grail’s plans for the last descendant of Christ.

And that starting point will hopefully take viewers back to the start of Jesse’s journey, long before he came into contact with Genesis.

With the help of his friends -- and a few enemies -- Jesse will need to escape his past…

because the future of the world depends on it.” While two of the images don’t offer much in terms of needing interpretation, as a profile shot of Dominic Cooper isn’t much more than a confirmation Jesse Custer will again have great hair in season 3.

Instead, the image of Ruth Negga as Tulip,looking back at the camera while headed down a treelined path toward a bright light, may be an indication that her journey this season could include a peek at the afterlife.

Then again, it might just be a dreamy look at Angelville, with Tulip having been restored to her former self.

Ruth picked up an Oscar nomination and a Golden Globe nomination when she starred as Mildred Loving in the historical film Loving.

The film tells the true story of Mildred and Richard Loving, an interracial couple who lived in 1950s Virginia.

It was an edgy drama about a transgender character during The Troubles-era Northern Ireland. He escapes a criminal past when he returns to Texas to take over his dead father's parish.