This is the trick to break that rule: First, knock out the enemy\\'s card, and when you are told to pick up a prize, choose any one you want.

Remember which card you looked at, and reset your gameboy.

It is really quite simple once you play, and to be honest I didn't know how to play when I was younger I played this and wanted to smack myself a hundred thousand times because it was so easy.

This game however, throws a little twist to the card game and gives you an even bigger goal than winning your prize cards in a match.

Shadowy figures, wise instructors and powerful opnnents await in the ultimate trading card game adventure.

Pokemon Trading Card Game Review So I may not be the only one here on vizzed who has gotten into the Pokémon Card Game and loved it, but for those of you who have not this game is the perfect game to teach you how to play.

Choose \\\"Continue Duel\\\" option, and you will resume right before you knocked out the enemy\\\'s card.

Pick up another prize, and repeat the process until you either find a card you need, or until you know which prizes you have.As for the addictiveness I rated this game a 7, it can get quite addicting as long as you are on a winning streak.However, as soon as you start losing a few matches you begin to hate life and everyone in it putting the game down and swearing that you will never pick it up again.Sometimes it will feel like the game is purposefully screwing with you, but hold on and keep playing because you will get somewhere I promise.As for story a 6, it actually had a story granted not much of one like it's sequel but it still had a decent story and that was beating your rival to the legendary Pokémon cards and defeating all those who stand in your way too.After this you must then defeat your rival and gain the legendary cards.