These new trophycards look a lot better than the SCEE version and come with some cool features.

You can upload an image and use it as your background.

Dunno if any of you've experienced this, but my trophy card after updating, suddenly lost 50 trophies.

playfire trophy card not updating-60

I know that the card doesn't really update automatically, but c'mon!

EDIT: Oh, forgot, my level is down too, right now I'm 9 not fricking 8!

It's his day off, so he went on a nice and relaxing hike.

Then he steps on a hornet's nest and is flailing around while he gets stuck from a 1,000 hornets. Mine hasn't updated in 2 days (my time) I always get an error when I hit update on the EU site.

With three new trophy patches hitting PS3 for Warhawk, Novastrike and PAIN recently they felt the time was right to expand their trophy card selection with a new slim alternative that's designed specifically for forum signature spaces, along with a number of new trophy card themes. In addition to the new size and themes, they've introduced 'automated level calculation' based off the number & type of trophies you have fully integrated and functioning with a new level progress indicator so you no longer need to constantly adjust or guess your level. Guitar Hero 4 copies Rock Band Rock Band copies Guitar Hero Guitar Hero copies Gitaroo Freaks I think what you are trying to say is that innovation is nowhere to be found in the videogames industry...except for Nintendo and SEGA of course. i mean, Sony doesn't let you slip an inch past them without being able to promise you a challenge you later on in the game. You do realize that these are still not automatic like LIVEs cards and Sony has nothing to do with right? I take it you disagreed because I sounded like I was supporting PSN?

you have to give credit to sony for not leaving ps3 gamers behind, it's a great feature overall.Playfire should have just kept their cards with the feature to create your own so all you have to do is sync your trophies to your profile and wait a little bit.But my profile on the EU site shows the trophies I earned while trying to update my card ut it doesn't show up in the trophy count.Below I will post my trophy card which has my own custom theme.Today announced a major update to their PS3 trophy card system. Achievements copies Ratchet and Clanks' SKILLS system LIPS copies Sing Star New xbox menu copies XMB. copies BUZZ Avatars copies HOME and Mii's "You're in the movies" copies PS EYE games Banjoo Koozie copies LBP Microsoft copies the PS3 by releasing a larger HDD Microsft copies Trophies by releasing "Medals" for some games Microsoft copies PS3's High Def format by releasing HDDVD add-on Xbox copies PS2 with the DVD Xbox copies PS2 Microsoft copies Sony by releasing a game system So, really, STFU. i never doubted that PSN would eventually catch up to Live.Playfire tracks your gaming activities on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam to build a one-stop profile of all your gaming activity.-- My Gamer | My Gamercard - Share Your Gamercard Xbox Live Gamercard Generator Xbox Live Gamertag Gamercard - Gamercard Themes [url= [IMG][url= Share Your Xbox Live Gamer Card on Team Xbox - Xbox Xbox360- Every Point Counts Are there any fully automatic gamertag/gamercard and trophy card combination in one image?