It’s common interests like these, she said, that build the foundation for a successful relationship.

“If you’re going to be married to somebody or in a long-term relationship or even a polyamorous relationship, you want people who have those same values and those same focuses in their life,” Crosby added. Especially in our busy society now, people don’t have the time or don’t want to take the time to weed through millions of profiles of people they don’t have anything in common with,” she said.

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The cool thing is new members only need to join one site (Green, Spiritual, Planet Earth, Conscious…) to access them all and a shared database of 100,000 members from all over the world.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping people and matchmaking.

Once they are together, it’s so much fun to hear about the amazing, life-changing projects for animals, people, and Mother Earth herself that they have created and continue to create together. This ensures that paid and free members alike are given a fulfilling online dating experience. “If the members aren’t happy, then I’m not happy.” Crosby stresses the value of catering to singles’ specific wants and not treating them as a general group.

Besides being able to submit custom questions, free members can also: With every component of Green, Crosby’s main goal is to stay connected with users and adapt to their needs, which seems to be working because she receives at least one success story every day. This is especially true for eco-friendly singles who care about important issues like global warming and pollution.

Crosby says, “Members love this option as it fosters creativity and fun while allowing them to express themselves more fully.” You can also upload videos to add a personal touch to your profile, as well as find helpful advice articles that are unique to the demographic like “The Top 10 Things to Do On a Green Date.” Besides helping people find the perfect match, Crosby also loves learning about the environmentally-friendly things couples do together after they meet on the site, such as hosting eco-conscious events, workshops, and retreats, which they can post on Conscious and promote to other Green members.

“I find that many of our success story couples have a ‘destined to meet’ feel to them. Being able to write your own essay questions is a unique aspect of Green, but even the common features are more generous than what you’ll find on most dating sites.

Crosby brought that same energy to Green when she inherited it after the previous owners retired.

The site is now part of the Conscious Dating Network, Crosby’s umbrella company, which consists of many dating sites within the same realm (conscious/green/spiritual), like different doorways into the same house.

After a while many of them result to creation of strong and happy families.