Pinay girls on the other hand have more curves (but not too much), bigger boobs and is the only Asian country in Southeast-Asia where the girls don’t have those typical Asian eyes, but more roundish dark eyes like those you’ll find in South America.That might not come as a surprise as the Philippines was colonized by the Spanish for over 300 years.

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20) so that confirm my observation that there are more stunners in this country. Pinay: 2 Thai: 1 Both countries have a ton of charming girls.

I think Thai girls are the most charming ones and have the most humor.

In Thailand however every girl watch the same stupid Thai drama series with stupid cartoon sound effects or they watch some stupid cartoon dubbed into Thai.

They have no clue about Western entertainment except a few blockbusters from Hollywood that reach the cinemas each year.

They also talk more which can be both a hit and miss.

Pinay girls are much less shy than the average Thai girl.

Being approached by Pinay girls in malls around in the Philippines happened to me many times.

If that happens in Thailand with a Thai girl she is either on drugs or a hooker.

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