Understand this: internet cafes with webcams are now widely available in the Philippines.If she refuses to do video chat I can promise you she a scammer.Even those who are not rich tend to be active on social media, so it may be a “red flag” if she directs you to a profile that doesn’t have much on it.

The bottom line is that part of your task will be to weed out those who are misrepresenting themselves (usually for the sake of financial gain).

It isn’t that difficult if you’ll just do a few things:*Do a little social media background check on the girl you are chatting with.

I also believe the name and theme of this particular site tends to draw the kind of woman you want: a conservative, God-fearing Filipina.

I don’t believe I ever encountered a scammer on Christian Filipina back when I was still searching for love.

Chat with her as often as you can and build the friendship.

Do not profess your love to her or start making promises about engagement/marriage if you haven’t met her in person.

One more thing: I have found that the scammers who are out for money are usually not that patient.

She’ll show her true colors pretty quickly if fleecing you is her only goal.

I started this website quite a few years ago and I think it’s time for a bit of an update.

I want to summarize (and restate) some of the things I’ve said already in a longer, more comprehensive post. I’ll share the step you should consider if you plan to meet a woman from the Philippines online.

If she’s using celebrity/model photos you’ll see that pretty quickly.