The psychological studies show that men make many conclusions about a woman based on her height.

First of all, if you decided to have a date with a Russian or Ukrainian female, be prepared not to go halfsies on a bill and to pick up on it.

In Slavic culture the man always pays on a date for his female companion, no matter if they are a long-married couple or got acquainted just an hour ago.

Adding the general knowledge of those beautiful hot women to be always resourceful and caring wives, the trend to meet Russian and Ukrainian ladies is a proved fact.

If my man agree to do it, I would marry him with no doubts haha Some of my friends say I am a real angel, and well, I agree with them a bit :) I am very kind, sincere and open.

The bouquet of so many flowers that are impossible to count are more preferable!

The ladies in Russia and Ukraine are always 10-15 minutes late for the date and expect their suitors to patiently wait for them without moving from the place.Flowers will be also much appreciated and will help you go to gain some points in her eyes.Don't forget that the number of flowers in a bouquet should always be odd, the even number is required for funerals and graveyards visits only!Apparently, our experience allows us to give some important tips to get acquainted and successfully win a Slavic lady's heart.There are not so many advices but they are important for a foreign man not to make a blunder in his lady's company.Every guy has his own preferences when looking for a woman to date, and the list of qualities to consider can seem infinite.