Centennial Bank is your source for credit and loan products as well as objective information to help you make the most informed decision possible.Whether you’re shopping for your first home or looking for a new car, we can help.However, with unsecured loans in Dubai, loan interest rates are likely to be lower than those of a credit card, and personal loans can make budgeting easier with their fixed rates and unchanging payment schedule but 80% of Dubai loans are pinned on the reducing rate.

Dubai Personal Loan-Uses - Personal loans in Dubai are mostly used consolidating debt to funding investments or financing big-ticket purchases.

If buying a car, secured auto financing is probably cheaper.

This kind of financing usually has two forms of interest calculation methods notably 1) Fixed rate of interest in Dubai (as determined by the loan calculator) and 2) Reducing balance rate in Dubai.

Amounts on Unsecured loans in Dubai differ, but most run between a minimum of 10000AED and a maximum of 300000AED .

In Dubai/UAE, financial products keep evolving and getting better by the day.

Characteristics of Personal Loans in Dubai - The main characteristic of a personal loan in UAE is that it is unsecured by any form of collateral finance and this also applies to a personal loan in UAE without a salary transfer.

We’ll give you a decision, have you sign your loan documents, and give you a check to pay for your vehicle.

You can apply in a branch, or call 888-372-9788 and ask for your local loan officer to get you started.

This is a common feature of banks across the world including Banks in Dubai.

Qualifying for a Personal Loan - lender must rely solely on the borrower's willingness to repay the personal loan as agreed, credit scoring is extremely important -- it's widely believed that in dubai today, the way you've managed your obligations in the past is highly predictive of your performance when borrowing in the future (precedence) for personal loans in Dubai/UAE.

The better your credit score, the more money you can borrow for personal loans in UAE is dependent upon your credit rating.