- Dave De Santis Comments: I am seeking information regarding the above airman who was presumed killed over Sidi Barroni 5 August 1941.

A newspaper clipping list others killed with Clifford as Lt Clarkson, Sgts Read and Green.

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He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery on October 27th. My only family is my baby sister, mom and dad both gone.

I covered Lucien in Marauder Men (page 217 with footnotes on pages 334 and 337). I never had any children and my sis has 2 teenage boys who are absolutely intrigued with their grandpa's military past. Please email me back one way or another would like to here from you.

Wiley left the service and became a police officer in Blackwell, Oklahoma, then a State Trooper until Korea. If any of you have a photo, would you please get ahold of me. He was instrumental in encouraging me to learn to fly, which I've been doing for over 40 years (non military). It is with deep sorrow and sadness that we inform you of the passing of one of our outstanding members who was our Vice President. Clyde's four children each participated in the service. Walter Clyde Harkins is survived by his wife of 60 years, Amy. The military service with full military honors was conducted at Riverside National Cemetery. Seagars, 558th Bomb Squadron My father, Joe Skibinski, was a bombardier/ navigator. He passed away on Nov 20, 2005 and we are finding a lot of memorabilia -- including 150 love letters that he sent to my mother.

He re-entered the service, training pilots stateside, and continued until retiring as a Major in 1968/69 after 20. I am seeking information, specifically photos, of the plane that he was in at that time. Whitey passed away about ten years ago of kidney problems. first on Bostons as WO/AG WT/AG completing 30 missions mostly with LT Goldblum and then onto Marauders as tail gunner with LT Brooksbank sadly all the crew lost their lives on a night bombing raid on Maleme aerodrome CRETE ON 7/5/44 (PER NOCTEM PER DIEM story of 24th sqd S. He he flew 65 combat missions 3 of which were on d-day. Is there any way to determine if any of his crew members are still alive?

The family's understanding is that he flew the Southern Route, entering combat in North Africa with the 319th, flying some 65 missions, but did not deploy to the South Pacific. He flew 36 missions between August 1944 and May 1945.

While his name is not among those on the Web site as having retired from the USAF ( in fact, he did. -Marc Eskenazi I am trying to find out the names or nose art, if any, of any of the following B-26 planes of the 394th Bomb Group 585th Squadron. I know he would love to be included on your website. I would like to hear from anyone who has any memories or information about the crew or a/c, thank you in anticipation and for a great site. His service was officiated by Bishop Kurt Marler, a friend of the family.

Wiley E Burris died 4 years ago; my mother is still alive and would be interested in any information regarding him.

I acquired an accident report dated 7 April 1944 at Decimannu where Captain Edson Pyle (see below) was Asst Ops Officer who investigated the crash.

I have on list that '81' went down over Vieano in Italy, but cannot find it on maps etc.

17th BG target for November 30th 1943 was Monte Molino R/R bridge, which is located a distance North of Rome.

According to the list above, one can assume that the sought after Marauder might be "The Wolves".