you sound like you’re doing just fine getting the bookings, some months will be slow and others not so good but that’s the nature of this business and the particular products you sell!Also is this not one of the 1st things we all get taught when we join, whether it be the first ever party plan business we join or a new venture, when you’re at a party make sure that you get at least 2 party bookings at that party and get them in your diary????

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I would not suggest pinning them down on the floor and forcing a leaflet in the mouth to book a party, but you should be talking to everyone that you meet about your business.

Most people who work for companies, talk about their business, have you ever got home and had a rant or shared your excitement to the husband or the wife or even a friend on the phone on your way home?

I go to the corner shop and a large supermarket almost everyday and almost every time someone says something to me, either “I can’t believe how busy it is today”, “The child screaming in the shop needs to be taken out”, Do you mind if I go in front as I only have a couple of items”, am I speaking to these people about my business?????

You may find it really uncomfortable to start with and I am not saying do it all the time, but today when you go out I am setting you a challenge, speak to one person today that you don’t know, start off with a light-hearted conversation, weather, shopping, queues anything you can think of to start that conversation, then say these words..

How to get more Party Bookings for my Party Plan/Direct Selling Business.

I wrote an article on getting out there and talking to as many people as you can, I even tested it out myself and then wrote about it.tags: Booking parties, Direct Sales, Direct Sellers, home business, How to book parties, Increasing party bookings, Party plan Business, Party Plan Consultants, Party Plan People, Party Planner, The Party Plan Guru, wahm, Women Mumpreneur, Work from Home, Working from Home This is a question that I get asked everyday, “How do I get more party bookings?” I have been spending my time looking through the internet (as I am sure you have done) and I am so upset with what I have found.Let party guests know they can purchase these products at the half-off price by holding a party with you.Shelly Hill has been working from home since 1989 in Direct Sales The first part of this blog really got me interested and I thought I was going to get some great ideas to help out my following Party Planners/Direct Sellers.I know that people reading this might find me ranting about how bad everyone else is doing it, that is not my intention, I am just shocked and surprised that it gives you no more than what I hope you are already thinking about when you have a party for someone???