One of the most annoying things as Community Manager for Party with a Local is people thinking that Pwa L is a dating app.

In a broad sense I can (sort of) understand: most meet-new-people apps out there do have a dating focus.

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We can chat to them, explain that Pwa L is not the right platform for this, and problem solved.

Very often it’s an honest mistake — people just don’t realise that it’s the wrong platform, and once informed they change their tone.

Whether it’s by talking to every user individually or building new features in the app, we are 100% committed to spreading the message that Party with a Local is not a dating app.

Curious about what to expect from a Speed Dater singles party?

It’s a refreshing option in today’s dating environment.

These days we spend so much time online, and in the search for a loving relationship, I truly believe this needs to happen in a more organic way.

We’ve successfully built a self-monitoring community who will reach out to people using the app for the wrong reasons and report them to the team if they continue to violate our Community Policy.

This also goes for any sexist, racist or violent behaviour.

Speed Dater is the longest running singles events company, and our massive singles parties have become famous.

We’ve even partnered with Metro newspaper, Cosmopolitan and Mens Health to bring you to most exclusive singles parties in the UK.

It can be for a variety of reasons: perhaps your friends simply have a different music taste to you; you could have just moved to a new city and be looking to build a social network there; or maybe you’re traveling and would love to have some local knowledge on where to go (a night out with a local is always better, after all).