His gout was reportedly cured by the plant but it was tuberculosis that got him at age 29. Gerard was a man of the cloth for only three years but managed to make a name for himself.He was nominated in 1893 for sainthood for a miracle that helped a pregnant woman. Another attribute was he named the day and hour of his death.Gerard say he lived poorly, giving half of what he ever made to his mother and the other half to those more poor than he. It has been used to also treat rheumatism, arthritis and bladder disorders.

And this reality reveals itself in the purposeful, ordered and meaningful processes of nature, as well as in the deepest recesses of the human mind and spirit. Anything happening in one part of the system gets mirrored in a self-similar way everywhere else.

Quantum Physics tells us that the very act of observing something changes it.

In the fractal logic of astrology, each planet, sign and house is a self-similar unity complete with its own rewards.

For example, you may have transiting Jupiter conjunct your natal Sun.

Nor do some of its other names: Ground Ash, Ashweed, Pot Ash, White Ash, Ground Elder, Dog Elder, Dwarf Elder, Garden Plague, Farmer’s Plague, Snow-on-the-Mountain, Jack Jumpabout, Jump About, Goat’s Foot, Bull Wort, Bishop Wort, Bishop Weed, Herb William and Herb Gerard…Herb Gerard?

I happen to know this one: Saint Gerard, 1726-1755.

But the most satisfying and successful of these experiences have come when I was going with the flow of time and determinism.

The Universe, being the accommodating creature that she is, will provide confirmation of almost any paradigm we adopt.

But of all the planets, the "lights" - the Sun and Moon - are thought to indicate the main polarity of your being.

In psychology, this has been articulated in the concept of complementarity between the conscious and unconscious contents of the mind.

Astrology is an activity based on the principle of Unus Mundus - the Universe as Unity.