Its guide to switching careers discusses the more accessible professions to consider and offers a breakdown of the kind of salaries you might be able to expect.

If you’re feeling worried about the thought of retraining to start a second career, there’s an article about employment over 50 in The Telegraph that you might find useful.

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As if that wasn't reason enough to join senior chatters, the fact that we're dedicated solely to people over 50 means that you get to instantly chat with like-minded people your own age in a fun and friendly environment.Many people find that when they’re looking for a change in career, they have different priorities to the ones they had when they first entered the job market.This means that philanthropic or community-based roles tend to be particularly popular, offering a rewarding experience as well as financial benefits.Chron has put together a list of some different jobs that take these factors into consideration.It suggests making the most of your experience by becoming a career coach, seeing some more of the world as a tour guide or unleashing your creativity as a ghost-writer.Chron has also chosen a few of the best professions to consider when you’re looking for a second career.