Enter the name for the directory where you want to store the images.

After clicking on Next, you will see the Summary for the import. You will then have a progress screen and finally this screen to confirm everything went fine during the importation.

optimize the boot image updating process completely regenerate the boot-72

System resource utilization is very low during this too.. In my previous, part-time job I used MDT pretty regularly.

I only really do it once every 6 months or so when I make new boot images.

Respond to all client computers (known and unknown) by selecting this option any computer will be allowed to connect to the WDS server.

Selecting this option can be useful if you are deploying a lot of client computer without needing domain integration, for different customers for example.

Fortunately, with the new “update” process in MDT 2010, described in more detail at it’s pretty simple to add a script to automate this process.

First, the script: Option Explicit Dim o Shell, o Env Set o Shell = Create Object("WScript. Environment("PROCESS") If o Env("STAGE") = "ISO" then Dim s Cmd, rc s Cmd = "WDSUTIL /Replace-Image /Image:""Lite Touch Windows PE (" & o Env("PLATFORM") & ")"" /Image Type: Boot /Architecture:" & o Env("PLATFORM") & " /Replacement Image /Image File:""" & o Env("CONTENT") & "\Sources\Boot.wim""" WScript. Quit 1 End if You’ll need to update the image name in the string above if you’ve changed it from the default of “Lite Touch Windows PE (x86)” and “Lite Touch Windows PE (x64)” since the script doesn’t know what you’ve changed the values to.Echo "About to run command: " & s Cmd rc = o Shell. Save the edited script as something like “C:\Scripts\Update Exit.vbs”.Then, edit the “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit\Templates\Lite Touch PE.xml” file so that these lines: Then make a change that requires re-generating the WIM and ISOs, e.g. You’ll see in the “Update Deployment Share” output the generated WDSUTIL command that updates the boot image in WDS.Every time you perform modifications on your Deployment Share, it is good to update it before testing. Do a right click on your Deployment Share and select Update Deployment Share.On the Options screen select Optimize the boot image updating process and click on Next. During the progress you can see the creation of Lite Touch PE (x64) boot image. We now need to configure our WDS and add boot images to allow our client to access our Win PE environment.Then, we can select the Share name through which the Deployment Share can be accessible.