You probably think that it must be fun o take picture with these animal, well I’m sure your guide would not allow since merak can attack people at anytime. Sunda Rhinoceros or Javan Rhinoceros Javan Rhinoceros or lesser one-horned rhinoceros is another endangered animal in Indonesia, they found mostly in Java, they population is shrinking year after year.

Javan rhinoceros has difficulty to reproduce and they got only 80 years to live.

Indonesia is a home of the biggest Sea Turtles conservation funded by the Government.

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In Pop culture, Komodo Dragon has been cited as inspiration for the making Hollywood hit “King Kong” in 1933 after one of the producer at the time, W Douglas Burden made long expedition to Komodo Island in 1926 to get inspiration.

Unfortunately, despite being protected as endangered animal, Komodo Dragon population diminished year after year.

The locals hunt their lesser and sell them to the collector.

Their action has condemned many time by the environmental activist but its look like it won’t stop soon. Orangutan : the people of forest The orangutans are exclusively Indonesian species of extant great apes. Orangutan probably the star in this list, maybe because they are exactly look like human.

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Illegal hunting, wildfires and lack source of food become the main factor of Komodo Dragon extinction. Anoa “The Smallest Buffalo” Anoa is midget buffalo or as the local called it, living in throughout rain forest of Sulawesi Island.

They living in Low land and High land both have different name considered where they live.

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