Are you in a perpetual state of Mercury in retrograde? Does your Gemini moon sign / Libra rising self worry about never finding someone with similar emotional needs?

The stars may align for you with Align, a dating app that matches profiles based on astrological signs. From there, you add six emoji to your profile that each represent different personality traits, like "blunt" or "magnetic." Align will show you a galaxy of profiles of people in your area, and indicate how compatible you are based on your star signs. It may be a pseudoscience, but unlike apps like Tinder or Bumble, you at least have a shared personality trait to bond over when you start talking: your love for the stars.

This works in your favor because you don’t need to practice writing long, thorough paragraphs or invest a lot of time.

When you’re learning something like piano, messing up is no big deal.

You sound terrible for a second, get frustrated, and then try that chord again.

They’re trying to hone their skills from a safe distance without having to endure any real-world pain.

Of course, they soon realize that all the reading in the world doesn’t replace genuine knowledge gained from experiences.

Farmers Only lets you specify what you're looking for on your profile, from friendship to casual dating to a long term relationship.

It also has Farm Phone, a secure texting service so you don't have to give out your personal number to strangers. A girl doesn’t need to have the exact same sense of humor as you to appreciate your silly side.You don’t have to be over the top if that’s not you — embrace your dry or sarcastic style of comedy instead. The best messages are usually short, around 1-2 sentences.Stop trying so hard to make women laugh and focus on making YOURSELF laugh.Because what’s often funny is you not taking yourself so seriously and expressing sense of humor.Like traditional dating sites, Farmers only has both a desktop site and an app.