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Appliances from Yell and Unst attended the blaze which took hold of a derelict building – often claimed to be “the most haunted house in Shetland”.

The call to the disused, one-storey property at Windhouse in Mid Yell came at around 7.40am. Element By Id("container272336164")) $JSON('/custom/vimeo_local/? mediaid=272336164', function (json) ); SHETLAND is likely to become the first location in the UK for a satellite launching facility if those behind the project can obtain a licence from the UK space agency.

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THE head of En Quest's North Sea operations paid his first visit to Sullom Voe Terminal this week and said he was impressed with the enthusiasm of the workforce to shape a major overhaul of the site to improve cost efficiency.

While the bill introduces 'island proofing', real consultation and further powers to local island authorities it does not bring any direct additional funding to councils.

Get the full story NHS Shetland has again apologised after hundreds of people – including children – needed to be re-vaccinated because medication had been stored at incorrect temperatures.

Much like your curtain-twitching neighbours snooping on you as you return home from a date.

"Like most other Shetlanders, I got Tinder to see who else is on Tinder," says Robertson.

Tinder in a big city often feels like a bottomless pit of unfamiliar faces, making it prime swiping territory for singles.

But what happens when the majority of profiles you see are familiar faces?

"I don't think we're using it right." She says that Tinder in Shetland "makes no sense" because you're likely to know half the people — sometimes more — you swipe through.