The crowded trade right now is oil, says Scotiabank Economics (h/t The Daily Shot) in our chart of the day.

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Those moves came as traders watched out for possible disruption to supply from Syria tensions.

For the month so far, both contracts are well over 5% higher, beating out almost everything else in the commodity space.

She met Clair in a Kamiah dance hall through a mutual friend, Jack Adams. Always an antagonist, Janni never turned down a chance to win a good argument with him, even if she knew she was wrong. She loved her family, but really loved being a grandmother.

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The blue area indicates the level of bullish positions from money managers, while the red shows the shorts.

Tuesday marked a big day for crude, with the highest Brent close in more than three years and WTI’s best since finish March 26.

While the White House has been drumming up support for an international strike against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, European airlines have been told to proceed cautiously in the eastern Mediterranean area for the next 72 hours. Keep an eye on DC, amid rumbling about Trump wanting to fire Mueller and looking to axe Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein .

China has promised easier access for foreigners to the country’s banking, securities and insurance sectors this year, and said it will set up a Shanghai-London trading link. The bulls are hoping earnings will ride to the rescue of a market that’s been on a volatile ride lately.

This would be an inexcusable, collective policy failure.” That was IMF head Christine Lagarde speaking in Hong Kong, in a warning seemingly aimed at trade foes U. Not was she keen on high levels of debt held by governments such as the U.