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We may sound a bit repetitive, because all we do is listen, think, empathise, iterate, test, try again.

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Check how Swiss it looks at is much more than an arts and trends magazine, it’s an editorial system to connect talents worldwide.

Silverlake acts as a link and as a cool hunter, presenting avant-garde talents and artists.

A story about Grano Armando, about how a better and fairer relationship with farmers, a production chain agreement and corporate social responsibility can create the best pasta ever.

De Matteis Agroalimentare hired our friends at Roll Studio and us for UI Design, Storytelling, Illustration, Front End.

Taste the best pasta at We represented all the complementary experiences working at Next Geosolutions: a multi-talented group of Italian scientists and innovators, working across the Earth with a unique mix of skills, such as geophysics, geology, engineering and archaeology.

Based in London and Naples, Next Geosolutions hired us for User Research, Strategy, UX Design, UI Design, Front End, Development.

Mohd, Messina hired us once again for UX Design, UI Design, Front End.