Important note for hard copy registrations: Forms must be received by FMCSA on or before the date your Biennial Update is due to avoid deactivation of your USDOT number and the assessment of civil penalties. Registration forms can also be downloaded here or you can request to have a pre-printed form mailed to you by calling FMCSA Support Services at 1-800-832-5660 (Select option 1 (US DOT number questions), then press zero to speak to an agent).

If you do not have log-in access you can create one using the information on this email, please click A payment of $15.00 including GST must accompany all documents requesting an ownership change.

Changes will not be processed until payment is received and cleared along with the appropriate documentation.

There are two kinds of people: those who are disgusted by the prospect of networking, and those who literally cannot stop networking.

You can spot a serial networker immediately because he has business cards on his person at all times and because he offers to “connect you to the mashed potatoes” at Thanksgiving dinner. This week Bumble launched Bumble Bizz, an app for the serial networkers among us.

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News", "guid" : "274036", "description" : "The new royal has a new life, a budding best friendship with Amal Clooney and a cozy home near The Beckhams.In their latest video, College Humor takes the way we speak to each other on apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge and translates them into real world interactions.Warning, this video may cause long looks in the mirror.Serial networkers are menaces in every context but especially on dating apps.One of my friends, a great beauty who works in reality television, recently encountered a serial networker on Tinder.Download the Intermodal Equipment Provider Identification Report form (MCS-150C) and complete, sign, and date the form, and mail it to the address above.