Sometimes people don’t even know why they have to complicate things, and this can lead to them being involved in a relationship that is always on and off.

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There are many reasons why it is complicated and some of these reasons may surprise you, while others may not.

If you want to find out some of the reasons why love can be so complicated, then check out the following: Yes, technology is one of the reasons why love can be so complicated at times.

‘Less is more’ is today’s philosophy for enlightened winemakers.

No pesticides, no oak, no sulphites, no fining, no filtering…

Last night she thanked the crowd for a 'wonderful response'.

She added: 'This is a recap of my work done in the past and I want you all to have a great time.' Her appearance in London means she has now been performing for almost 50 years.

Unfortunately, love can be complicated because of your past, or of the person’s, whom you are with or dating, past.

Sometimes people have been involved in one bad relationship after another, and this can bring baggage into their next relationship.

The star has come out of retirement after nine years In 2000 she announced she was quitting music to retire and live in Switzerland with partner Erwin Bach, a German record company boss.