Hello, I’m looking at possibly trying to get a job as Project Manager for Dell in Roundrock.

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I'm tired of doing design work, and I'd like to try to use my MBA degree.

Would Dell be interested in somehow with my skill sets.

Those who actually have a real brain (free thinkers) are stifled and tend to be upset over the "system". NOW: if you are a type "A" person AND love PROCESS.....maybe you might like it.

This "server" support is actually for a "pilot" program Dell is creating based on their acquiring Silverback Technologies out of Boston.

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I would not recommend this company to anyone except those few who enjoy working 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Though, perhaps it WAS a bad sign that the pregnant wife of one of the interviewers, on speakerphone, was having a baby or something! I dunno, the price may be right, but at what cost...?

I was an engineer/architect consultant for DELL in Round Rock - Bldng. Dell's 3200 man IT department is filled with incompetent managers who believe process is more important than making a decision.

How much money could I make at Dell, and what are their Benefits?

I currently make around ,000 a year, work 45 hours a week, get 4.5 weeks paid vacation, 5% matching for 401K, 104 hours of sick leave a year (which rolls over), I currently have over 400 hours of sick leave.

They are going to start with 15 clients and expect to go up to something like 14,000 clients by the end of a 6 month expansion.