The upgrade process is much simplified and the progress of the upgrade and the status of the nodes are displayed on screen.

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Table 2 Cisco ISE Deployment Terminology Term Description Service Specific feature that a persona provides such as network access, profiler, posture, security group access, and monitoring.

Persona Determines the services provided by a node.

Profiler Enhancements IPv6 addressing is supported for some features. Disk Encryption Check to protect information that goes on to a disk and to prevent unauthorized access to data storage.

SHA File Check to provide a more secure way for administrators to check the file integrity.

All endpoint certificates issued by the internal CA contain a certificate template name extension.

Template Name attribute in authorization policy conditions and assign appropriate access privileges based on the results of the evaluation.Cisco ISE node, which can assume any of the following personas: It handles all system-related configurations related to functionality such as authentication, authorization, auditing, and so on.In a distributed environment, you can have one or a maximum of two nodes running the Administration persona and configured as a primary and secondary pair.If the endpoint is not enrolled with the MDM server, it will have to go through the enrollment process.Guest Enhancements A sponsor can now change the guest type of an existing guest account in the Sponsor portal.You can disable the tunnel connection at any point of time.