His breath stilled, she let out a laugh and dropped her hem, picked up her things then walked into the building.Not entirely sure he wasn’t hallucinating he quickly got out of the car and followed her. Shaking his head he walked to the receptionist and confirmed his appointment.

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So this year, bowing to the goading of friends and against my better judgment, I decided to do something I never — never — thought I’d try.

Let me disabuse you of the notion that I’m the speed dating type. ” There was the bespectacled techie — whose name I cannot recall — who spent our encounter with his eyes glued to his phone.

When the buzzer sounded, a man sat down, with whom I had exactly ten minutes to chat before another buzzer cued the next prospect. The next morning, I woke early for my annual physical. By the time the appointment came to a close, I was exhausted and disengaged.

Entering the clinic, I was welcomed by the receptionist and directed to take a seat. — soon summoned me to the back, where she asked a few questions, took my blood pressure, and left me to disrobe. ” She left, then returned with Rebecca — or maybe it was Rachel? And then, laying on the table, it hit me: I’m speed dating my doctor. And aside from a few instructions offered, there was no connection. Even more striking to me, as I reflected on that realization, was that if I was left feeling that detached after just an hour, how must it feel for my provider?

The doctor left and he heard the sound of the nurse entering the room not long after.

He heard the rubbery snap as she put on rubber gloves.

Dropping her bag to the ground and with a quick glance around the car park, she grasped the edge of her uniform.

She slowly lifted the hem, giving him a tantalizing glimpse of the damp dark curls beneath.

I debate the ACA over jasmine green tea, more comfortable in yoga pants than Donna Karen. The venture capitalist dressed in a worn Star Wars t-shirt and blazer, who usurped our time with tales of his ex. — who boasted of his anti-vax stance after I shared that I’d been working in health care advocacy for the last ten years.