Platforms like NPR One also help provide clues and recommendations for how you can hook your potential podcast audience.As we work to enhance the local station presence on NPR One, we’re revisiting audio branding.

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If you've missed any of our recent posts, catch-up on the latest updates: Making NPR One more local, Laying the foundation: your Station Page in NPR One, Seeing and hearing your top podcasts more often.

Our goal with the explore tool and for NPR One more generally, is to encourage listeners to sample shows so that we can determine what they like, and deliver more often.

During pledge audio, NPR One listeners will be able to tap on their screen and go directly to the pledge page as you've designated in Station Connect.

If you're looking to track donations direct from NPR One, you can use the same instructions for adding pledge audio and a pledge URL to NPR One, and input a dedicated pledge URL you only use for NPR One.

When I was programming a station, anytime a big news event caused a listening spike, I’d think about what I could do to keep those new listeners.

This election has resulted in a big influx of new listeners to both NPR One and your terrestrial signal. As you gear up for your on-air membership drive, keep in mind that NPR One can help support your multi-platform messaging campaign.

In particular, how audio branding could be improved throughout the NPR One experience to help you introduce your station and your service to your listeners.

Station Hellos This post is part of an ongoing series about new tools in NPR One.

Each month you download lists of emails of your NPR One listeners. That’s a question we heard from a lot of you at PMDMC in Boston.