Copper is said to be the most common metal on the face of the Earth with the exception of iron.

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email: [email protected] his websites: scientific literature has come to the conclusion that the major source of the copper that swept through the European Bronze Age after 2500 BC is unknown.

However, these studies claim that the 10 tons of copper oxhide ingots recovered from the late Bronze Age (1300 BC) Uluburun shipwreck off the coast of Turkey was “extraordinarily pure” (more than 99.5% pure), and that it was not the product of smelting from ore.

The oxhides are all brittle “blister copper”, with voids, slag bits, and oxides, created when the oxhides were made in multiple pourings outdoors over wood fires.

Only Michigan Copper is of this purity, and it is known to have been mined in enormous quantities during the Bronze Age.

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After a billion years, about a quarter of the age of the Earth, four major glaciations ground upon the edges of the old layered basalt lava beds, and exposed some of the embedded copper (Fig.2, top drawing).