New minor versions will be delivered through auto update notifications.Increase functionalities is possible through the Market Place which has been populated with new installable components providing high flexibility and great customization.At some phases of a project, you may have all of the environments live at once.

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With each Enterprise offer, three environments are included by default.

Additional environments may be purchased as add-ons.

The Finance and Operations application production instance has the following capabilities.

Dynamics 365 for Operations is PA-DSS 3.1 certified which means that all communications between components are secured out-of-the-box.

You may add multiple entries at once as a semi-colon(;) separated list (example: .10;.20;

These entries are used to configure the Azure Network Security Group that is associated with your environment’s virtual network.If you choose to use the Essentials Fast Track program instead, you will be using the Implementation Project Methodology in Lifecycle Services (LCS) to help you manage your implementation project.Microsoft assumes that all customers will follow a lifecycle similar to the following for all cloud deployments, and therefore need different environment topologies at each phase.We recommend that you sign up for the Full Microsoft Fast Track for Dynamics 365 to help speed your deployment and implementation - it's a program that provides training and consulting to help you realize business value faster.For more information, see Microsoft Fast Track for Dynamics 365 overview.SPC5Studio v.5 provides a completely new look and feel comprehensive framework to design, build and deploy Embedded Applications for SPC5 Power Architecture 32-bit Microcontrollers.