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Send Letter to the Editor I have just returned from Shanghai and had a chance to read your article before I left.

As for the other hotel categories, yes, there are some subsets, like business and conference. As a longtime Manila resident I skimmed through your Manila Guide with interest and must say that the hotel reviews (at least for the ones I am familiar with) were very much in tune with my own thinking. This sentence had me in splits: "A Labrador with a wet nose sniffed my bags and parts of my anatomy unmolested since my mother demanded to check my underwear before I left for school." How true. The B737 is a very common aircraft in domestic service in many countries especially here in the USA.

K Beng, Singapore I have had the good fortune to spend a brief while at the Ranthambhore tiger sanctuary on one of my earlier trips to India and recall it well. I am not sure I met any of the feline family featured here but it was good to read up on some of the residents of the park in such personal terms.

A very engaging story and one we will definitely refer to on our next trip back.

I think this could be a more detailed article later. Needless to say Shanghai is one of my favourite cities. Evelyn Yap Singapore I voted in your poll and look forward to the results.

I wanted to leave a few comments about different hotels and airlines but noticed you have just one comment box. I'm not sure how this could be managed but would it be useful to allow more flexibility on comments? Warren Miller United Kingdom My husband and I were trying to select our main picks for the various categories on your poll and ended up a bit confused as they seem to overlap.

For instance, a luxury hotel could also be a business hotel or a family hotel. Also would it be possible to include hotels that offer a bit of everything at a good price? I see many of my friends are looking for value but not cheap stuff mind you.

You can get value at an expensive establishment too. Ashley Grayson Hong Kong Editors - Excellent suggestions, thanks.

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Much earlier there was the February 1989 case of United 811 - a B-747 - flying Los Angeles to Sydney with stops along the way.