You walk into a lobby that is half-Vegas, half-Vatican, a vaulting altar of brass and obsidian that soars halfway to heaven, where they serve dark-roast.There's a Starbucks somewhere up in the sky-high atrium, not far from the 60-foot waterfall.We then showed the video at her bridal shower and had Dianna answer the questions before we showed his answers. It was so nice to incorporate the groom without him actually being there.

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But in this, as in much of what Trump says, it's more about the broad strokes than the details.) week or so earlier, I'd been summoned to Trump's office at his glitter-bomb cathedral, Trump Tower.

It is hard to overstate the effect of the building on your sense of dimension and place.

It was the sweetest 🙂 It really wasn’t too hard to do and you could really do it yourself! 2) If you could be any superhero, what superhero would you be?

Or better yet…hire me 🙂 haha Here’s a few photos of the bride playing along with the DVD. 3) If your bride could only bring one item on your honeymoon, what would she bring? 7) What would the bride say is your most annoying habit?

As countless writers before me have discovered to their sorrow, there's no such thing as question-and--answer with Trump.

Instead, you frame a query, then stand back and watch him go, hoping that in the monologue that follows, he touches at least obliquely on your topic.We are playing the Newlywed Game during cocktail hour. The way it will work is that couples will sit back to back. The couple who gets the most matching/correct answers will win a prize. If they say the wife, lift the gold paddle, if the husband, the brown paddle. 4) If you were to cook one dinner for your bride, what dish would you prepare? 8) What would you say is the bride’s most annoying habit?9) If the bride could get rid of one item from your closet, what would it be? 11) How many times did you and the bride date before you had your first kiss?18) When was the first moment you realized that you loved each other?