Kim is a graduate of Stanford University, where she received a B. Does the first generation to grow up in the Internet era have any use for 9-to-5 office culture, or an office at all? And nearly half of millennials in a recent survey by Millennial Branding said that workplace flexibility — the option to work anywhere with an Internet connection — is more important than pay.

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What kind of chiles and what form they take is a matter of some debate.

Best in our view is a mixture: fresh jalapeños, dried anchos and pasilla powder.

But, she added, “Constantly being pinged and bombarded with information can be overwhelming and distracting.” At important meetings, Grouper employees will stack their phones in the middle of a table to make sure that everyone is focused. Hodson, 32, said that while producing quality work is the goal, hanging out with coworkers is also important.

“Being in the office with your teammates is part of the fun of working at a startup,” she said.

The emerging picture of the “millennial workplace” is one that affords workers greater flexibility, but it is also a social hub where workers collaborate, bond and communicate — just as it has always been.

An overwhelming majority of millennials and older workers, for instance, value almost equally the ability to talk about their career plans in person, according to a study by the accounting and consulting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers. “I can always communicate more effectively when I can look someone in the eyes.” Millennials may have all the tech and tools to evolve the business landscape, but as it appears now, they have no plans to close the office doors for good.

The meat can be cut into large chunks, or, more traditionally, thin slices, especially if you are using a tougher cut than chuck. If you have masa harina, the corn flour used to make tortillas, that will make the gravy even thicker, but it is not necessary.

Like many vigorously spiced dishes, this one tastes even better a day or two after it is made and will hold its flavor well for at least a week. As with gumbo and beef stew, chili is a dish that benefits mightily from an overnight “cure” in the refrigerator.

It’s not surprising that so many people should turn away from traditional office hours, said Steven Flory, a 26-year-old Menlo Park, Calif.

resident and an engineer at the cloud-storage service company Dropbox.

Its depth of flavor, from different chile types, makes this recipe stand out.