It depicts a naked European woman and a chastity belt.

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It shows a very attractive woman on a bed looking at her boyfriend’s picture.

She is filled with “welling unsatisfied passion.” Who will satisfy her passion?

It was dropped over Chinese troops during their invasion of The message of the leaflet tells Chinese soldiers that European women are slovenly, of loose morals and unchaste, and because of this a soldier husband during a long war fastened a chastity belt to his wife.

The message is apparently intended to instill a feeling of homesickness and yearning and cause him to cease fighting by deserting or surrendering.

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By rights that inspiring thought would be followed by a second verse. The caption ran: 'Fest steckt's and treu der Fremdarbeiter rein.' ('Firmly and true the foreign worker sticks it in').

Depending on the region selected for this document's distribution, we alternated the word Fremdarbeiter with der Italiener or even der Makaroni.

Sex is one of the oldest and most effective weapons in history. There are three different items known to have been printed and others may exist.

They were discussed in some detail by one of the major British wartime propagandists in 1972.

We should point out that the chastity belt is mechanically correct and similar models appear on postcards from a French museum.