After Europeans began exploring the area, Nacogdoches was an important trading post for French and Spanish pioneers.Permanent Spanish presence began here in 1716 with the establishment of a mission, and the city remained the most important city in East Texas for over a hundred years.

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It is near or on the site of Nevantin, the primary village of the Nacogdoche tribe of Caddo Indians.

Nacogdoches remained a Caddo Indian settlement until the early 19th century.

In its history it has flown the flags of three abortive republics in addition to the six flags that have flown over the rest of Texas.

La Calle del Norte La Calle del Norte, now called North Street, runs through the center of town and is thought to be the oldest street in the United States, as it connected Nacogdoches with other Indian communities as many as 750 years ago.

Legend of the Two Brothers According to legend, Nacogdoches was founded by one of two brothers, son of a Caddo chief who lived along the Sabine River.

One day, he sent the brothers away, one of them three nights to the west, where he founded Nacogdoches, and the other three nights to the east, where he founded Natchitoches, in modern-day Louisiana.

The “town” of Nacogdoches got started after the French had vacated the region (1760s, following the French and Indian War), and Spanish officials decided that maintaining the mission was too costly.

In 1772 they ordered all settlers in the area to move to San Antonio.

We invite you to stroll the red brick streets of historic downtown and experience the hospitality and charm of the Oldest Town in Texas ,hike miles of historic trails that once served as trade routes for Native Americans or break for tea in a Victorian mansion .