I also queried, as did some other minor breed coordinators, how accurate the coi% published by the KC was as quite a few litters have had sires from other countries which probably means that dog is not registered with the KC.Tom agreed with this and has now sent me a rolling 5 year mean (i.e.

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The initial 17 breeds are in the process of being completed and they are looking to identify a further 50 breeds.

I am very pleased to confirm that the Irish Water Spaniel will be part of the next phase due to start next year.

The fact that 16 breeds are involved in this research hopefully gives us more chance of identifying a genome that might be responsible.

A very interesting talk on Epilepsy was given by Professor Holger Volk.

Home bred he is by Sh Ch Fynder Seabiscuit of Glenderry X Pharises Pasa Dobla.

Congratulations also to H Walker for making up another Irish Show Champion (subject to confirmation).

average COI of dogs born over successive five year periods) 2006-10 8.91% 2007-11 9.18% 2008-12 8.07% 2009-13 7.81% 2010-14 7.90% 2011-15 7.23% 2012-16 6.98% I think these results are very interesting but overall I find it encouraging that overall our breed hip scores and coi% are reducing.

Report from IWS Breed Health Coordinator – Sue Hempstead Congratulations to Mr & Mrs D Rawlinson for making up Pharises Moulin Rouge to an Irish Show Champion (subject to confirmation).

Diane Wheeler who many of you will know from her wonderful rally sessions and tests at the IWS weekend has lost Lexie - again almost 10 year old.

The vet diagnosed that she had larangeal paralysis which led to aspiration pneumonia.

I said the both the SIWSC and IWSA were advising owners to do both Hip and Elbow scoring and we felt that eye testing should also be done.