And that would explain why she would know that he's looking for younger girls. OP has every right to be on a dating site and choose a man her age or someone older.But until OP comments what exactly happened, I believe OP caught her dad using the computer and looking for younger girls on that dating site.The problem isn't that OP was looking for a match or date.

my dad is dating a younger woman-1

As for finding his profile, they may have been matched by the site as compatible with their father, which would make sense as he did raise OP and therefore would probably have similar beliefs, recreations, etc. It's gross for you to think that OP would get matched with her own father according to your "age appropriate" and because he raised her factors. You know when people get caught looking at porn or something they're not supposed to? It's not that OP was signed up to that dating site, she just wasn't very detailed when writing her fml post.

She discovered her dad looking for younger girls and possibly younger women on a computer at home. If OP is single and not married she can be on a dating site and choose a man her age or older.

This would not fit with mine but it could be that your parents have an agreement of some sort which allows this.

Certainly speak to your dad about it but don't assume that their idea of marriage is necessarily the same as yours.

his dry sense of humor kills you, and dang those eyes!

And then you learn that the same year you graduated college, he was wrapping up his freshman year—of high school.If he is brave enough to do this behind your mother's back, he is brave to tell her the truth and tried to fix and improve their relationship.If the conversation goes sour, you might have to be the one to tell your mother about this. There are many different formulae for happy marriage.But I can see why many people would think that OP was part of that dating site the way it's worded.(typed) I agree with you that OP was not using a dating site.I believe OP caught her dad in the act of looking for younger girls on a dating site at home.But it's easy to think OP was also on a dating site the way this fml post was worded.