Now, four decades into the Muslim mass migration, about 1 in 6 Muslims are intermarrying.Muslim intermarriages are likely to increase more quickly than they did for Jews, because unlike the early 20th century, there are no religious or racial limits in universities and workplaces, and people’s social circles are far more diverse.When it comes to intermarriage, Muslims are becoming the new Jews.

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Heather’s profile said she was looking for a Christian, a detail Abdullah says he hadn’t noticed.

His family had left Afghanistan for upstate New York when he was 3.

One was a traditional Muslim Nikah ceremony with both sets of parents and 10 couples as witnesses.

A few days later, they had what they call their “American wedding,” with a pastor presiding.

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Lost in this loophole is the fact that, in American homes, women tend to run the religious show.

They are typically the ones attending religious services and shuttling children to and from religious school.

Now both families are involved in raising Heather and Abdullah’s son. Heather and Abdullah are the new face of intermarriage in the United States.

They didn’t marry until they had been living on their own for some time.

Also, under Islamic law men are allowed to marry out of the faith — as long as they marry a Jew or Christian, referred to as “People of the Book.” Behind this rule is the notion that Islam is passed down patrilineally (unlike Judaism, which is matrilineal).