Fortunately this is not a problem as everything can be done via email and the telephone.

I don't actually get to meet many of my clients and meetings are generally only needed for large websites and where detailed consultancy is involved.

For low cost websites within this price range I cannot normally include a visit to your premises.

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(We can even meet in a pub if you like :o) (My Guarantee: As a freelance designer my overheads are low.

I believe that my prices will beat most reputable web design agencies.

The second is what you pay someone to actually create the site for you.

Details of both are outlined below and detailed instructions can be found in the Domain Name Registration page.

It is very difficult to be specific but as an example, I can create a low cost web site with a similar structure to this and 5 to ten pages for a very reasonable price, probably somewhere between £400 and £700.

Very importantly, this will usually include effective search engine optimisation. Please remember that you must supply the basic text information for the site although we can often write this for you at an additional charge.

) Search engine optimisation is the process of optimising your site to give it the best possible chance of being found on search engines when someone does a search for keywords related to your website subject, product or service.

We can do this for you or offer advice, otherwise you may want to consider using a software package that will assist you to do it yourself.

The 6 Month Guarantee also offers two versions of its 6 month subscription plan: one with the 6 month guarantee and one without.