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It also means it’s time to retire your ex’s beat-up hoodie, toss out the plastic wine glasses, and never, wear celebrity-minted fragrance.

Herewith, we’ve compiled all of the things women should throw out when they reach 40.

Also, bras that don’t fit well or feel uncomfortable fall under this heading, too.

If you haven’t found one that suits you yet, take yourself to the nearest lingerie store for a fitting with a pro.

Not only do charm bracelets get caught on your sweater, but people can also hear you coming from a mile away. Then it’s definitely time to upgrade it to something sleek and simple.

Those charms are like tiny cowbells for humans, something that is definitely ridiculous in your 40s. If you still want some flair, try subtle patterns or a set of your initials.

You may have paid a lot for them, but they’ve served their purpose and, let’s be real, who wants to wear an old bridesmaid dress anywhere? They look like you accidentally walked out of the salon in the middle of a single-process.

To be fair, they’re handy if you need to section your hair while you’re styling it, but they otherwise should never see the light of day.

You’re no longer in your 20s, nor are you dealing with sloppy roommates (or your sloppy self, hopefully). No one needs to know who designed every single item of your clothing—and your purse.