But the social media giant has seen its reputation for privacy tank in recent months, amid widespread reports of data leaks."Dating is so personal and we see people gravitate to brands they trust," Ginsberg said.

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Shares of Match and its parent company IAC tanked immediately following the news.

Match sank as much as 6 percent following the earnings call, after trading nearly 6 percent up premarket. But Match executives are confident the entrance won't affect their business.

One irate audience member saying: “ooh I'm too intelligent for love" smirks the most smug woman ever seen.. #This Morning.”Another unimpressed person said: “#thismorning @thismorning "The women too clever for love”.”A third posted on Twitter: “Maybe you're just too far 'up yourself' and that's your problem?

Just a thought.”“If those clever women get their heads out of their backsides they might meet a normal man such superiority!

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But are the co-hosts of MSNBC's politically charged morning show — liberal Mika Brzezinski, 49, and conservative Joe Scarborough, 54 — romantically involved?

Natasha Hopper, 22, and Andrea Gould, 41, admitted that they hadn’t had much luck on the dating scene due to their intellects and felt they had to dumb down for men.

However, host Holly Willoughby had some advice for the pair as they shared their dating disasters with her and co-host Phillip Schofield.

Deutsch has been outspoken about his apparent disdain for the president.