Consumers expect to be able to connect with brands in an instant, and on their terms.

A mobile engagement solution is no longer a competitive advantage—it is a necessity.

Mobi-ready has all the answers against the challenges your mobile workers are facing everyday.

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• All data is FREE, except when you download music.

Every subscription includes a tablet device and accessories, installed apps & tools, and ongoing support and coaching by us in order to get you started.

integrated cellphone, just click on the Vodafone icon to go to the Vodafone live! • Download the latest music at CD quality • Browse and buy the latest games, pictures and wallpapers • Watch mobile TV (DSTV) on your cellphone • Entertain your callers with Welcome Tones and get ringtones • Enter competitions to win cool prizes • Find your match with our dating service • If you are a Vodacom customer, browsing Vodafone live! • You only pay when you purchase content like games and ringtones, download music, or subscribe to services like mobile TV or text and video alerts.

• You will always be told what the cost is before you purchase.

We’ve equipped Mobi-ready with android tablets, including Internet Data 30GB/month.

Mobi-ready account comes loaded with preconfigured platforms and tools that includes everything you need to get down to business — all in the cloud.

A Web site is just a regular Web site accessible from Internet browsers on any device, including desktop computers.

But, in order to register a domain name, a site must meet specific requirements that make it easy to view and use from mobile devices such as smart phones and personal digital assistants.

Live Chat software is revolutionizing B2C communication in the digital era, allowing you to be there for your customers and to understand them in ways never before possible.