Art works by the best of the local artists lined the walls.

The Living Room opened onto the sand dunes and the sea and while the view was breathtaking, the room was dominated by a Steinway grand piano. Don't be long."I stood in this massive room and took it all in.

Patty wouldn't hear of it."Come back with us," she offered, "we have a great rental with plenty of room." Again, against my usual sense, I agreed and followed them to their place on Wainscott Pond. It was an oceanfront estate, the kind that rents for at least ,000 for the month.

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Patty took my hand and led me to a guest suite."Here you go. Disrobing, I tossed my clothes onto a settee and entered the bathroom.

There was a separate shower that could hold at least four people and a deep soaking tub alongside.

We were loose and goofy, and we were laughing a lot.

Some of the conversation was of local politics, local gossip and sex jokes.

With good margaritas and tex-mex fare, it was a good hang.

I was there with a bunch of local characters, all friends.

I laughed at her "touristy" question and I told her that I would be pleased to give them a guided tour and I gave them my phone number.

I excused myself and went off to the men's room to drain my snake.

I went up to Barry, the bartender and paid my tab when he pointed to a couple and said that they would like to buy me another margarita.

I took the drink and walked over to their corner table to thank them.

Upon my return and as I was about to bid them a good evening, Patty asked if I had some time to give them a little tour now as there was still a couple of hours of sunlight. Would you like to come over to our place for some more drinks?