It’s especially interesting that their reply rate is very low to Indian and Asian men.

On the other hand, they show a strong preference for white guys.

Middle eastern women for dating video

I don’t know why they almost seem to avoid black guys.

One of the comments in the original article said that minority girls choose Ok Cupid because they want to date guys of other ethnic groups. The least popular group is black women, to whom only 1 in 2.9 men reply.

This is particularly interesting because their male equivalents are the most popular. All the guys, except black guys, respond well to the girls of their own race.

This is something very different from the previous chart.

We have seen that people tend to have strong race preferences in dating.

You may argue that different races have different personalities, which result in the disparity in response rates.Actually, Ok Cupid shows that there’s no significant difference between races in terms of match, which is based on answers that the users submit.As you can see, race hardly affects how likely you are to be compatible with the other person. You might still argue that the match rate doesn’t necessarily mean a high reply rate. People of different backgrounds might have different ways of writing messages which may or may not be well received by other people.All the data presented in this article are based on user behaviours and responses to questionnaires on Ok Cupid, a popular (but not the most popular) dating site in the US.So, before reading this, please keep in mind that the majority of the users of Ok Cupid are US based.Apparently some people are quite conscious about dating exclusively.