“That’s just another level of ignorance I try not to even engage in,” he said.“Like I said, I’ve been around the world, I love a lot of different people. For anybody to question my love for Black women is preposterous.” He would go on to note that people’s perception of who and what he likes is based on what they see.

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Despite starring in the box office mega-hit "Black Panther," which has already made a record-shattering $404 million worldwide in four days, actor Michael B.

Jordan has an oddly down-to-earth home life — he lives with his parents.

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Jordan said he did, but told the hosts that the commentary surrounding who he chooses to spend his time with away from the limelight is something he’s not letting get to him. “So I just kind of push that stuff aside and keep trying to live my life.” From there, host Ebro Darden talked about the reasons people might not want to see him date outside of his race, primarily due to the desire for cultural preservation.

“Nah, I mean, it was definitely some feedback out there. But as for other reasons, including just not liking the idea of interracial dating due to a disdain for another race, Jordan doesn’t pay that any mind.

He's the one who's most famous for -- checks Wikipedia, doesn't recognize any of his songs -- being the namesake of Julio Iglesias, I guess.6.