But it is hard to define whether it should be rape or not because the man did not have sex with her against her will.

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At midnight, a strange lady got into his bed, seduced him and raped him.

The young man was worried that she would for money, so he quickly left the hotel.

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It is this thought that leads many women exchange their body for money.

They don’t care whether they had pleasure in sex, the only thing they care is lost and gain. wct3323: the woman should get paid, but she is not. hairel: the story should be like this: one day, one young man went into a little hotel and left the door open since he was so tired.

After that, the man quickly got dressed and prepared to leave.

Xiao Juan was confused and asked where he was going. When the man got up then she was able to tell that he was not her boyfriend, but he quickly ran away.

Actually, it’s a kind of feudal thought which thinks that she is taken advantage by someone else.