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Why should you get to pleasure yourself any way you want? No, jerk off instruction’s is a must for a loser like you. Just as you hit the vinegar strokes and are about to be sent to the giddy heights of pleasure, just as you get to the point of no return when your cock has stiffened and is ready to go over the edge and start pulsing out your spunk, she will yell at you to take your hand off.

She will crease herself laughing as you groan in frustration and at the look on your face as you see your much needed and well-needed orgasm slip away, leaving you still feeling unsatisfied and frustrated.

If you move again, if you even twitch a muscle, I will stop doing what I do and walk away from you right now!

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It tells them they are doing something right when a slave breaks down in tears at her feet and begs for his JOI session to end as he cant take the frustration anymore If you are a weak-willed, useless male specimen who needs a strong woman to control his orgasms and dish out masturbation instructions, join this site now and have a cruel female direct you in how to masturbate till you don’t know which way is up I should start off here by saying you do not have a choice in that decision this purely up to your new owner and keeper.

They decide your fate and they decide if you need proper wanking instructions or not.

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They know that a weakling like you still needs to orgasm but that does not mean they have to let you enjoy it.