This is a Short version for KVLY-TV, Valley News Live because I know they will not take the time and energy to read the detailed long version that follows this summary. Did anyone at the news department verify any of the material before broadcasting?

It is not an inferiority complex or an overall feeling of inferiority to another.

******* Feedings of Inferiority: Individuals generally feel inferiority because they perceive that they are lacking in one of the following areas: physical condition or limitations, intelligence level, educational level, emotional well being, social environment or financial condition. DID ANYONE READ THE SITE, what about this blog post: Back in 2012 a guy asked a question about using legal force to keep a slave.

Why in the hell would I care about a slave trusting her Master before you can train her if I advocate brute force. This is a subject that was among the first I had when writing B. TRUST in TRAINING Ok, here is another on if you actually want to know the truth Trust is like a bank The reporter claims I advocate creating a low self-image in a slave simply because it is a category of training.

You would not care about trust or consent, you’d just use force. REPLY: The reporter falsely claimed I want to destroy a slave’s self-image. IF you actually read the section on “self-image”, only a fool would come to that conclusion. will someone in the newsroom read the below link or have someone read it to you.

On 2/4/2014, I received emails informing me that the B. They also claim that a domestic violence abusers cult exists there.

The emails pointed out that the News story focused on abuse and claimed it was part of bdsm culture.

One can also be used to improve one or more of the other areas. Why would I talk about negotiations if I believed in breaking her will with abuse. In addition read the four page links below: sections and see of you can find a single place where B. (It is only disguised as bdsm with malicious intent): REPLY: Read this link first or have someone read it to you Consensual BDSM slave training DID you really NOT know that a huge precent of the BDSM population choose to live it 24/7 instead of just weekend play? Yes, it can be intense but intense and forcing against someone’s will are two different thing. You have NO evidence otherwise because there is none.

For example, a person can strive to obtain a higher educational level in order to improve there social and economic level. BDSM Scene Play Negotiations and slave training and Why would anyone want to do a slave contract laying out all that is agreed to before you start slavery; if it was not consensual. slave contract Negotiations and contracts are acts of consent not force. Taming of the Wild Mustang How can you read the links above and claim the crap you said. They do it as dominant/ subissives or Master/slaves. Years ago, I found that football practice was intense and modified my behavior, emotions, self-image and thoughts but not forced without consent. This training is fully understood in the bdsm community and accepted. Below is a link to an article about emails written to me by a slave.

REPLY – The reporter “cherry picked” the word “Inferiority” from the Theory page and completely changed the meaning. The word was misused to create a false and misleading context in order to present a story the way she wanted, instead of the way I said it. I don’t expect you at the news station to do the research on this to find the truth, so here is what I said. Superiority is not defined as we normally think of it.