Her daughter Jenn and her best friend Cherry were stretched out on the bed.Except for the tight panties both were wearing, they were totally naked.Emily drew back quickly, fortunately, both girls were facing away, watching Jenn's TV/DVD player, and had not noticed Emily. Get naked baby, and get ready to stroke your pussy, god it's such a turn on to see, and film this! They both drew up their knees, lifting up their butts, they both slid their panties down in one fluid movement, pulling them off, twirling them around a finger, and giggled as they tossed them away.

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The shrieks and screams of passion coming from the TV drove them on, and Emily could feel it building up.

"Ok here it comes, baby, watch her, watch what happens, stroke your pretty pussy, and watch! The voice on the TV rose to a scream of sexual pleasure, and Jenn and Cherry's shrieks of climax joined in, as they both tumbled into orgasm, sleek bodies shaking and writhing, and Emily bit down hard to keep from crying out, as her body was wracked with the cunt quivering spasms of her climax, feeling her pink walls clutching at her fingers, gasping with pleasure. " About 30 seconds later, I heard Jenn squeal, "Oh my god, is that you?

Her friend Cherry was more voluptuous, with wide, solid hips, at 17 she was already a 36DD cup, with a wickedly curvy waist, and a figure that made her think of Marilyn Monroe.

She was also tweaking at her nipples, and both girls were running their fingertips along the front of their panties, pressing against their tight pink seams.

Her boss had taken her out for lunch, to celebrate her landing a big account with the agency, and had given her the rest of the day off.

She was feeling good, and now that she had the rest of the day off, she was feeling frisky, too.

She quickly pulled her skirt back on, and got downstairs.

She slipped outside quietly, took a walk around the block, then returned, to see Jenn and Cherry coming downstairs. " Emily replied, "Yes, I got that big account for the agency I've been working on.

She was eager to get out of her pressed dark green business suit, and take care of her rapidly building horniness. At the age of 34, she was a total MILF; sleek black hair with hints of brown, sparkling blue eyes, slender build, gorgeous 34D-cup breasts, a pert heart-shaped ass and shapely legs.