If you were with a female friend watching TV, for example, and some famous hunk came into view, you’d comment upon how attractive he was. Likewise, indulge in fictional fantasies about a third man joining in during lovemaking, spicing things up in the bedroom while also showing the trust and acceptance you have placed in his sexuality. It’s worth asking questions about the physical side of his sexuality to see if there is something in particular about that which he misses and, if possible, attempt to emulate that somehow.

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These following five points outline exactly how: #1 Be inclusive.

Essentially, this means acknowledging the fact he is bisexual, rather than brushing it under the carpet. However you want to do this is up to you, but you could give him a free pass on watching gay or bisexual porn, and/or watch it with him, if that kind of thing rocks your boat.

A try-sexual on the other hand, is not particularly attracted to men, rather than the thought of sex with them.

It’s all about sex, the gender of the partner has hardly any bearing on him finding pleasure in the act.

[Read: Should you ever confess that you’ve been snooping? A relationship is a relationship, regardless of whether a couple are heterosexual, bisexual, gay or alien.

The rules of dating do not change because he is attracted to men as well as women, and bisexuality is no excuse for philandering.If you really feel you’re not going to be able to deal with it, fess up, walk away, and do him the favor of not leading him down the garden path.Accepting his bisexuality and indulging it If you’ve had a good think about the above points and have decided that you are happy to continue in a relationship with a bisexual guy, there are two ways that you can choose to go.This whole issue needs to be discussed and you need to be sure you are both singing from the same hymn-sheet.Right thing for him to say: “I’m only interested in you, I’m not interested in any other women or men”. If the gentleman you desire to make more than just a friend reveals that he experimented sexually whilst younger, maybe when at university or college, there is no reason for excessive worry or anguish.Others, however, might struggle to come to terms with such an unexpected revelation and, for a number of reasons, may be planning to run for the hills.