A R25 000 lifetime tax free amount, and thereafter a sliding scale starting at 18% and going up to 36%.If you officially emigrate, Pension Preservers can also be left and handled at retirement or age 55 – but that involves substantial administrative PT, especially if you do not have an RSA bank account.If you merely work elsewhere but remain a South African resident (as many people do if they work in Dubai for example) then this does not apply.

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Pension and Provident preservers: These are put in place (with the help of a financial advisor) in order to preserve the tax status.

If you withdraw from that fund (one withdrawal before retirement (age 55) is allowed – it can be the full amount) but is taxed according to lump sum withdrawal tables.

She provides pointers on what to think about as you weigh up whether you should sell property and cash in long-term savings.

– Jackie Cameron By Dawn Ridler* Whenever uncertainty increases, South Africans start looking at how liquid they are if they want to get up and go, and this is one of those times.

Hint, keep one in place if you go this route, even if it is a cheapo like Capitec.

Depending on the size of the preserver, tax could take a sizable chunk out of your investment.

The board of directors of Malan Realty Investors Inc.

(NYSE: MAL) received a rough send-off last week for its plan to liquidate company assets.

He said Malan has worked hard to keep leasing levels up and pay off debt.

EDINBURGH — Financial emigration is a complex business, with many unexpected costs as you sever the ties with South Africa.

There are two aspects to capital gains: the ‘inclusion rate’ (the percentage of the capital gain that is used in the calculation) and your marginal tax rate. Either you leave it or sell out and use your Forex allowance to take it out – either way you’ll have to pay Capital Gains Tax on shares or unit trusts.