This ancient technology works by projecting an energy field across a narrow arc to the front of the Knight.By quickly moving the position of the shield so that it intercepts enemy attacks, a Knight is able to survive even the heaviest fire, whilst still being able to fire its own weapons in return.

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Thousands of standard years before the rise of the Imperium, Mankind reached out to the stars and settled many far away worlds.

Among the apparatus of colonisation were formidable war machines known as Imperial Knights, which existed to protect the settlers from any threat.

Although slower than other suit types, these two benefit from substantially increased firepower and much thicker armour, and are instead used in a fire support role.

The Lancer is a faster version of a standard Knight suit.

Each is well-liked for its balanced and deadly combination of manoeuvrability, protection and firepower.

All Imperial Knights are protected by thick adamantium armour and are fitted with powerful weapon systems.

The armour is often lavishly detailed and adorned with complex heraldry that reveals the Knight’s allegiances and the deeds he has accomplished in battle.

In addition to their weaponry, all Knights carry potent defensive field generators called Ion Shields.

The exact setting and positioning of the shield is essential, as the Ion Shield is only designed to deflect and slow shots, rather than absorb them in the manner of the far more powerful Void Shields used on Imperial Titans.