This email I received on 18th of August 2012 from address: [email protected] rest of his emails were mostly lovy dovy and didn’t have much information. tck=23958 Members are solely responsible for their comments and do not reflect the opinions of this web site, all Members and Moderators.

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I stopped and did my research so I am exposing him and everything I know so there are no future VICTIMS as I was.

This is how Americans can truly help our soldiers and give them the honor they truly desire and need for their service to our country" got from him invitation to be his friend from Wayn but already could not see his profile - he went by name James Walter with photo from where he has complete gallery of photos Helo Driver/photos with mail [email protected]

Please help him by turning your evidence into the FBI Identity Theft site to help put an end to the identity theft of this brave soldier.

Halbuki, "Allah diledigine kz, dilediine erkek, dilediine ikisini birden verir, dilediini de ksr yapar."(Kur'n-i Kerm 42 (es-Sr)/49) Kadn da tpk erkek gibi doar, erkek gibi insan yavrusudur.

KADIN HAKLARI : "Birisine bir kz ocuu mjdelenirse, zntsnden yz simsiyah kesilir..." (Kur'n-i Kerm 16 (en-Nahl)/58 ) Bu yette Allah (c.c.) cahiliyet insannn kadina bakn anlatr ve takbih eder. The FBI and JAG knows who the real soldier is, and the real soldier knows about his identity being used by scammers trying to get women to send them money. The pictures that are being used by all the above different named scammers and showing the pictures listed for Terry Walker James, have been stolen from a real American soldier. The attached phone number was (233) 543-460464 which was his brothers supposed phone number. So believing he had a son I went as far as to send this supposed son cards and even a cell phone to address Prince Arnah PO Box GP1361 Accra, Ghana 00233. But thanks to this site I saved myself plenty of time for what I thank you all Newest comment on him from today : James Walker also uses the e-mail address [email protected]